Depending on where you live, you can now sign up for a health insurance plan if you missed the open enrollment period in 2019. Currently, twelve states and Washington, D.C. have their own health insurance exchanges, which means they can independently decide whether they want to extend the open enrollment period.

Amid concerns over COVID-19, these are the states currently offering open enrollment (and their respective deadlines.) We will update this list as more get added:

California (April 30)

Colorado (April 3)

Connecticut (April 2)

Maryland (April 15)

Massachusetts (April 25)

Minnesota (April 21)

Nevada (April 15)

New York (April 15)

Rhode Island (April 15)

Vermont (April 17)

Washington (April 8)

To sign up, go to your state's respective health care website (we linked out to all of them here) and follow the instructions to sign up. If your state is not listed but you think you might qualify for special enrollment (such as a recent job loss or even just turning 26), check their health insurance page just in case.

And as a reminder: If you need dental or accident insurance, you can sign up for ours at any time. Here are the states we're currently in.