In our last post, we talked about who in New York City is freelancing. Thanks to Freelancers Union, The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, and Upwork we now have an in-depth, current look at the state of freelancing in NYC.

This means we get to hear freelancers themselves tell the world the perks, the challenges, and the stresses of being your own boss. So, the results are in. And guess what? The biggest stressor surrounds a lack of safety net.

It's important that reports like these take place so we can demonstrate which systems are no longer working for us as a society—tethering healthcare to an employer being one of them.

It's unsurprising to hear that this is the main anxiety that freelancers are experiencing. It means that 1/3 of New York City's workforce is under a different kind of pressure and stress than the people who work for big companies.

The fact that freelancers are contributing $31.4 billion into New York City's economy annually and they have to live with a huge amount of personal risk and sacrifice isn't fair.

We already knew that freelancers felt that way, which is why Trupo was founded. Seeing the numbers in the report just further proves the necessity of a safety net for independent workers in order to give them the same stability and sustainability that full-timers have.